State-of-the-Art Jewelry Repair Service

Whether you need your favorite ring resized or a fixed clasp, our professionals are here to help. Zaki’s Jewelry of San Francisco, California, offers complete repairs for individuals as well as retail and jewelry stores.

Ring On Diamond

Comprehensive Support

Our skilled associates specialize in platinum, gold, white gold and silver. Our jewelry repair services include:

• Ring Sizing
• Prong Repairing
• Chain Repairing
• Polish & Cleaning

• Ring Reshaping
• Replacing Stones
• Stone Setting
• Gold Plating

• Chain Repair
• Bracelet Repair
• Earring Repair
• Rhodium Plating

Something Old, Something New

In addition to our standard repairs, our experts are also able to repurpose old rings into pendants for a stunning new look. Included in every service is the polishing and cleaning of your jewelry items.

Affordable Service

Prices vary depending on the repair that you need. However, we provide free estimates to ensure you always remain within your budget. Same day service is available when possible. All our service is done on the premises.

RIng Shine

Contact us to be able to wear your special jewelry once more with our comprehensive repair services.